about the sanding company

What do we offer

Trusted sanding company

We're a London-based company, and the entire team is located in the city. Our only activity is flooring services which include new laying, refinishing, repairs, and complete restoration.

All solutions happen through sanding, and that's why it's common to classify us as a Sanding Company.

What to expect from our services:

  • the job will always be finished on time;
  • cost-effective quality;
  • guaranteed quality of materials;
  • superior flooring machinery;
  • flexible booking hours;
  • working 7 days a week from 8:00 to 20:00;
  • highly experienced handcraft;

We always do our best, whatever the case.

Our team

The sanders in London

We have 5 different units for each part of London. Each division has experts with over 15 years of professional experience in recovering any type of hardwood, solid, and engineered floors in London and its surroundings.

The team has specialists in new installation, sanding, finishing, and repairs of total damage. The team members are qualified, educated, and proven to do the job the right way.


The Sanding Progress

The first establishment of the team was back in the early 90s. It all starts with recovering floors of a small neighborhood in London. Not much later, we had to hire more sanders because the interest in good services was growing fast.

Over the years, we have been working on any floor type - from ancient floorboards to some of the most innovative solutions on the market.

Knowing the entire industry and how it has grown makes it easy to quickly find the right method to repair a floor or do a restoration like no other.

Our mission is to become the most popular brand in London, but it will take some time in the next few years.


Best sanding practices

It's not possible to run a flooring company for a long time if you don't have any vision for the company growth and performance of each service. That's why we have something like the codecs of the sanders.

Our approach to every floor is as follows:

  • respect the wood as much as possible because it has its qualities;
  • offer fair rates for the services, even when it has to be more expensive;
  • stick to the schedule and always finish on time;
  • optimized organization of transportation and starting the restoration;
  • always use the best machinery on the market;
  • follow the trends and remember the old-school methods;


The sanding experts

Everyone in the industry has called himself an expert because it's popular. But when you see many of our competitors are working, you can be pretty shocked.

Very often, we're called to recover a previously sanded floor or finish another company's job. The experts are familiar with every detail and can quickly perform the process without losing time and money.

During the viewing and the first estimate, you can judge how good we are and whether you ever have such an attitude to your floors.

Please browse our gallery if you're interested in looking at what we do.