Commercial Flooring

Commercial Sanding Services

Maintenance and repair of wooden floors in shops, restaurants and high traffic premises are one of the specialized services provided by our company. Each company that needs sanding, varnishing, or other professional assistance may contact us and we will get the work done within the specified time.

Every service can be done outside working hours, during the night, or on weekends.

We have a specialized team whose members will do their best to protect the premises while performing the sanding process.

If you require minimum noise and no additional dust, we can offer you the use of high-end machines and various protective equipment for this purpose.

Types of floors in business centers

These are some of the places that most often require sanding and flooring, in which services we have extensive experience:

  • Public houses – cafés, pubs, nightclubs, other clubs, fast food restaurants, other restaurants, pizzerias, betting shops
  • Shops – groceries, dresses, shoes, equipment, perfumes, and cosmetics
  • Specialized – dental offices, office premises, co-working premises
  • Halls – theatre, live music stages, museums
  • You may contact us if you want:
  • to get a quality service within the agreed deadline or even earlier
  • wood flooring without any complications in the process
  • a valid offer including all services
  • a company which covers additional requirements depending on the premises/site
  • a company with flexible working hours
  • an experienced team ready to start working immediately

Important: this type of service may require your personal support for clarifying the work, if needed, or cleaning the floor of furniture or other items that may need to be removed or find additional space.

We offer A to Z solutions, without exception. Our services include commercial sanding, fitting, varnishing, staining, gap filling, and everything else required to achieve the desired result.

Specific treatment of public house floors

If the floor is used for dancing or is subject to intensive use and heavy loads, we can offer enhanced protection from leaks and spills, liquid spills, tighter wooden elements, etc..

If you want to order new parquet or other wooden floors, or laminate flooring, it is very important to first make a detailed inspection of the current condition of the floor and its sub-floor area.

We are honored when business clients put their faith in us and we always strive to provide the highest quality service that meets the business needs and contributes to the excellent reputation of the company.

To get the most appropriate offer that meets your goals, it is recommended that we visit and consult you and make an inspection at a time convenient to you, free of charge and before starting any work.