How does wood floor sanding work?

Wood floor sanding is a process used to strip away the top layer of a wood floor and smooth and level any surface scratches or imperfections. In most cases, this is done prior to refinishing the floor with a fresh new finish, such as a lacquer or another sealant.

The process begins with an inspection of the wood flooring to determine what type of treatment it needs, as some floors may not require sanding at all. If it needs sanding, the technician will choose an appropriate grit for the specific floor.

Once the grit is chosen, the technician will then use a heavy-duty sander for the entire floor, starting in the corner and working outward. This process may need to be repeated one or more times to ensure that the surface is perfectly smooth. The technician will then use a heavy-duty vacuum to remove any dust particles on the floor.

The quality of the work performed will depend largely on the skill and experience of the technician. Special care should be taken when sanding around edges, corners, and other delicate areas of the floor. It is also essential to make sure that all of the dust produced during sanding is removed to prevent any interference with the subsequent sealing process.

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