What are the best wood floor finishing brands?

Several top brands consistently earn high marks from homeowners and professionals alike regarding wood floor finishing products. Bona, Varathane, Minwax, Advanced Paint Technology, and Armstrong are the most popular and highly recommended. All of these brands offer a range of high-quality products designed to provide superior protection and a beautiful finish on your wood floors.

Bona is known for its hardwood floor finishing products, which are available in oil- and water-based formulas. Their products are easy to apply and come in many different sheens to suit your preference. Varathane is another popular wood flooring brand, offering a variety of finishes, including matte, semigloss, and gloss.

Minwax offers a wide selection of wood floor refinishing products, from waxes and oils to varnishes and stains. Advanced Paint Technology provides a line of durable and attractive water-based finishes for a truly professional-looking finish. Armstrong also produces high-quality wood floor finishing products, including a range of eco-friendly options.

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