What are professional wood floor sanding tools required in the sanding process?

In order to properly sand a wooden floor, you will need a variety of professional tools and equipment. It includes a drum sander, edge sander, orbital or random orbital sander/polisher, wax applicator or buffer, finish applicator, and broom pieces.

1. Drum Sander: This type of sander is designed to remove very deep scratches and high spots in the wood. It is one of the most common and powerful types available and is extremely effective in removing old layers of finish, paint, and stain.

2. Edge Sander: This type of sander is used to sand the edges and corners of the floor where the drum sander can't go.

3. Orbital or Random Orbital Sander/Polisher: This type of sander is used for finishing and polishing the wood floor. It has an oscillating motion as it moves over the wood, which helps create a smooth and even finish.

4. Wax Applicator or Buffer: This tool is used to apply wax to hardwood floors. It can be used to fill in small scratches or to give the floor an extra shine.

5. Finish Applicator: This type of tool is used to apply a protective clear coat to the finished floor. It will ensure that the floor is protected from wear and tear.

6. Broom Pieces: This tool is used to sweep up the sawdust created during the sanding process. It can also be used to brush away any chunks of wood or finish that have been removed.

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