What types of wood floors can be sanded

In any event, the floor should be laid/installed/tightly fastened. If it needs to be repaired before sanding, we may carry out the repairs, but this will be established during the inspection (the inspection is free of charge).

As for the types of floor, a floor may be thoroughly sanded if it is made of solid wood or engineered wood (depending on the condition of the wood, as there are limited numbers of sanding and wear). Floors made of laminate, pressed boards, etc. are not subject to sanding.

The most common types of wood that may be sanded are pine, oak, beech, walnut and various exotic woods such as bamboo, wenge, iroko, IPE, teak, and cork.

Note: If you have chosen another company and they could not sand the floor, or you have decided not to use them, and the wood is still not wholly sanded, you can call us to finish the job to achieve the required result.

The time for processing of a floor after being entirely prepared for sanding may be within a day or more, but it still depends on the size of the room, what extra services will be provided, etc. Information on the exact time may be obtained after a meeting with our representative.

How is the price determined?

  • The main factor is the size of the room in square meters/sanding, which is calculated according to the current situation of the surface to be treated and the time for the entire process
  • Then it is important if there are any equipment and furniture, as well as any rugs, carpets, etc. to be removed from the room.
  • An important point is when there are any items for repair, boards to be replaced, gaps to be filled, emails to be removed, etc.
  • A critical point is the floor condition as some older surfaces or floors in wet areas must be polished several times until a better final effect is achieved.
  • What other services will be performed after that: polishing, varnishing, staining, gap filling, installing trim and moldings

Why is it called sanding?

Due to the nature of the process, the machines operate with sand-coated paper, which ensures fine processing of the wood to obtain a smooth surface.

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