When you need wood floor sanding services

This kind of refreshment and restoration of the floor is a large part of creating comfort at home, more enjoyable holiday, representative guest room, and gatherings, keeping the property in good condition and many other relevant factors.

London is a city that has buildings with different architecture, design, and style. Each building has its unique pattern, and when it comes to maintenance of the floor, it gives the appearance of absolutely all parts of the premises, rooms and even the look.

We can do all the services that you need:

  • Keep the wood floors in good condition
  • Achieve a luxury effect, warm comfort, freshness
  • Renovate the entire premises to acquire another look and appearance
  • Pleasant feeling and comfort during the holiday
  • We can make the floor be in harmony with the color of your new furniture
  • Better reflection of light on the floor after you have installed new windows
  • Restoring the floor to its original form
  • Support the floor by monthly or annual subscription

Whether you want to create a new design on the floor or keep the existing one, we remain available because we can do it.

Actual offer for floor sanding service:

Currently, we have a good offer which can save % of the amount, or you can get a free varnish after sanding. We have many seasonal promotions that allow you to save without compromising the quality of service.

The best practice to start the sanding:

  1. Contact us and our employee will make a free inspection and advise you what to do, what options there are and what it takes
  2. We will inspect the condition of the floor in detail to get ready to make it look new
  3. We will decide what machines and additional materials are needed for the process

Important: sanding machines are powered by electricity and therefore we need to have access to a socket in the room or neighboring rooms (to plug in the machine and a coupler)

Sanding Questions & Answers