Which floor varnish is best?

The best floor varnish depends on your preference and the type of flooring you cover. For hardwood floors, oiling or lacquering are the most popular types of varnish because it provides good protection while highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

The oil-based finish is the most durable but takes a longer time to dry, so water-based is often preferred for its faster drying time. To add shine and depth of colour to your hardwood floors, try a penetrating finish, such as tung oil or Danish oil.

For laminate floors, a two-part epoxy finish is highly recommended. Epoxy is much more durable and easier to clean than other types of varnish. It will also give your floors a professional-looking high gloss finish.

Vinyl and linoleum floors should be polished with acrylic floor wax. This product will give your floors shine and protect against scratches and scuffs. There are many different brands of floor wax available to choose from.

No matter which type of varnish you choose, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper application and renovation times.

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