Why choose our company for floor sanding services

The most important factor is definitely the experience because after having made a huge number and different types of floor, we know which is the most effective method to get the effect quickly. We offer:
  1. Saving the unnecessary noise in the house or building (which is important if there are neighbors)
  2. Minimum dust for cleaner operation without the need for cleaning afterwards
  3. Professional equipment that ensure the quality of work
  4. A team of professionals who know exactly what needs to be done
  5. We sand floors, kitchen counter-tops and wooden stairs, railings
  6. We can provide all other services after sanding to achieve a complete result, such as gap filling, staining, varnishing, polishing and finishing
  7. There is no floor that can surprise us or a problem that can stop us get the desired result
  8. We protect the floor, walls, moldings and other parts of the floor of the room
  9. You always know what is the right price for the service and what is included in it
  10. Disposal of waste after sanding, packed in special bags
Sanding Questions & Answers