Floor Varnishing Examples

Wood Floor Finishing

Varnishing (also known as finishing) is a service that is performed on the floor to protect the wood, achieving a different effect on the floor, either as or as of the renovation or after sanding. We can offer absolutely all options for finishing according to customer requirements.

Usually, the final process is done after sanding, leveling, cleaning and staining (if any) of the surface to ensure this service has the desirable effect.

Floor finishing service in London

London's style has a long history, and a properly varnished floor can recreate the style and mood of any era.. This, of course, depends on the type of wood used for flooring and whether there is a need for additional repairs.

Once you have chosen your colour shade and if your floor has already been stained, we may offer you samples on the part of the floor so that you select the specific colour. For staining, it is important to know that the different types of wood react differently to the same color of stain, which may lead to a different result. Keep this in mind when you choose the colour.

The actual finishing of the floor may be done by varnishing, oiling, and waxing, depending on the desired effect.

Finish after sanding

Once the sanding is complete, the floor surface may be sealed. This may be done once we have done it regardless of whether you have used our services and we have finished sanding or if you have used another company that cannot offer this service.

Varnishing is carried out by laying several coats to achieve the following effects: super matt, matt, semi-gloss, gloss.

There are varnishes suitable for moderately busy premises and heavy traffic areas, which will be considered during the inspection. It is strongly recommended to varnish the floor after sanding or refurbishing in order to seal and keep its quality for a long period.

If you buy a parquet that has not been varnished, we may offer you a complete solution once the flooring has been laid (which we can also do). Thus, your floor will be protected, and you may also give it a different colour.

Varnishing of Wooden Floors

Water-based finishing

In case you need harmless and completely water-based finishing of the floor, we may offer you such a solution. Such finishing is used in children’s rooms, bedrooms, etc.

It is important during varnishing to avoid harmful fumes, and also to be performed after complete drying of the surface

The brands we use include Bona, Junckers, Ozmo,Deva etc.

What can be varnished?

  • entire apartments;
  • offices;
  • restaurants;
  • bars – restaurants, kitchens;
  • children’s rooms;
  • living rooms;
  • previously coloured floors;

Varnishes are generally colourless, with a few exceptions. If we use a clearcoat, we may first stain the floor from the lightest to the darkest range. The most popular colours are light-dark walnut, cherry, light-dark oak, bleached, pine, antique pine, jatoba, wenge, etc.

Before the process, it is necessary to lay a base, which is usually a primer.

It is recommended to stain and varnish simultaneously as a finishing process and consider all combinations and requirements of both the customer and the floor itself.

Varnishing a ready floor

If your floor is slightly worn, some fine sanding and varnishing will restore its condition and quality.

Varnishing without sanding

Another machine is used that does not require a complete sanding of the floor, and thus no in-depth sanding will be required.

Repair of varnished floor

Depending on the defect, we should consider what can be done and what we should offer you to repair the varnished floor during the inspections.

Important during the process:

  • the room temperature should be taken into consideration;
  • the floor should be completely cleaned of dust and small particles;

Our team will work carefully to protect the varnished surface of bubbles, cracks, bulges, jaggedness.

If you are unsure about which option to choose between varnishing, oiling, and waxing, you better discuss the options for your floor at the meeting with our consultant.

Drying time for the floor can take from 2 to 5 hours, while some floors may require up to 24 hours. This should be according to the manufacturer’s instructions and after you have decided which option to use during our consultation.

Current offer

We can offer a % discount when purchasing materials through us depending on the amount and type of finish required.