Restoration and buffing -house, Bromley

sanding bromley

This house floor was a real challenge. It has to be done in very short period of time and we were asked to make it on the best possible way. What we did? 1st and 2nd floor - sanding, floor installation and restoration of stairs.

You can take a look at all details and what's the effect at the end. Happy clients means more that just to finish everything on time. No extra cost and everything as it has to be.

Kitchen sanding - 1st floor

The 1st floor is in process of sanding and staining.

Wood stairs restoration

See how we work on stairs. During the process it doesn't look very nice, but that's part of our job, and we know to make it beautiful. Because, that's your house - your place.

Stairs sanding and restoration

Now, the result is obvious. The stairs are made to safe and completely recovered in good condition. You can see stairs with solid wood.

The kids sleep on 2nd floor, so there is no doubt these stairs have to be just perfect.

Entrance floor fitting

This is part of our daily work. It can't be done by non-expert in floor fitting. The mission is completed on the best possible way, but it was a serious challenge. We made gluing in groove and feather. Now this floor will stay at least 5 years without any damage.

kids room floor fitting

Kids room floor installation. During the process we have to be sure that the floor is secure and perfectly installed - to avoid any extra noise and to keep the kids room well heated.

Kids room floor fitting

This image shows what means 'the job is done'. Take a look at all details. No scratch, perfectly fitted, excellent effect.

Family house floor fitting

We didn't make any excuse with parents' room. The floor is new. The floor fitting is made 100%.

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