Commercial flooring refurbishment and finish - business office, Streatham

Office floor sanding, Streatham
Floor restoration, Streatham
Office floor renovation, Streatham
Floor staining, Streatham
Office floor finishing, Streatham
Business floor polishing, Streatham
Full wood floor sanding, Streatham

This office had a screaming need for floor restoration. The good looking business centre had to take care of the floor surface, and that was our job.

For a very short period of time, we had to sand the upper surface smoothly, with very low noise and dust-free solutions.

The whole method was a bit slower due to the vast premises, and the high requirements for no dust.

The floor sanding includes full sanding, staining, finishing, and most delicate polishing.

Right now, this office is ready to accept business customers, partners, and employees in a much better environment.

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