Finished solid wood fitting - house, Sutton

Finished solid wood fitting Sutton

This beautiful house in London had to be renovated because all floors were too old and damaged. We took all necessary steps to make it happen and once the job is done, this house became a solid and shining place, a great place to relax.

You can see the skirtings - very good color combination for each room. This was installed in modern style for every corner.

Living Room floor sanding

The living room had a lot of problems with its old floor. Now, it's completely new. Ready to enjoy your free time at home with friends and family.

Solid floor installation using advanced technology to avoid any noise, no gaps and keep it in good condition for very long time.

Entrance floor installation

The same beauty can be seen in the entrance. The floor is installed on the best possible way.

Difficult floor installation

The installation of solid wooden floor is a big challenge. Not everyone can make it. Now you can see the result and why you can trust our team.

Glue for floors

We're using the best glue for solid floors. This method will the floor in excellent condition for many years.

House decking London

We had work outside the house. We made a new construction to protect the wood and all sensitive elements. This decking is ready to meet any humidity and difference in temperatures for very long time.

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