Flooring renovation and polishing - bedrooms for rent, Islington

before and after of engineered wood floor sanding, staining, and finishing of 2 small bedrooms for rent, Islington

Four bedrooms and two landings, the rooms are 8 m2 each. The flooring is engineered oak.

Before floor sanding:

  • Preparation of floor cleaning;
  • Preparation of the room - moving furniture;
  • Preparation of sandpaper materials 60 and 80;
  • Preparation of machinery;

The floor sanding process:

  1. sanding the floor with sandpaper from 60 to 80 to achieve the removal of old varnish and clean the wood from stains and minor injuries;
  2. filling of holes with grinding powder and resin;
  3. finishing with buffing machine with sandpaper 80, applying one coat of primer, after drying sanding with buffing machine with mesh sandpaper 150, vacuuming and applying with two hands pure varnish matte brand Quideva;

After flooring restoration

The floor has been restored to its original appearance without scratches and stains. With careful use (protection from injury and scratches) the renovated condition will last for at least 8-10 years. The work took two working days

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