Hardwood refurbishment and staining - house, Streatham

after hardwood restoration
Hardwood floor finishing, Streatham
Hardwood floor repair, Streatham
Hardwood floor restoration, Streatham
Hardwood floor before finishing, Streatham
Before hardwood floor restoration, Streatham
Hardwood floor repair, Streatham
Hardwood floorboard reclaiming, Streatham
During hardwood floor sanding, Streatham
Before Hardwood floor sanding, Streatham

Hardwood floor sanding, finishing, and repair, Streatham

This large apartment was in the process of total renovation. The floor restoration was a must, and our team did the job.

You can see on the pictures, that it was not only sanding. We did a lot of repairs, nailing, floorboard replacement, and skirtings.

After that, we did the staining and finishing. Upon polishing, even the homeowner was surprised at how beautiful the floor is.

Right now, the apartment is ready for living.

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