Pine flooring surface renovation - house, Tottenham

Pine flooring surface renovation - house, Tottenham
Pine floorboards repair, Tottenham
Pine floorboards reclaiming, Tottenham
Pine floorboards nailing, Tottenham
Pine floorboards subfoor repair, Tottenham
Pine floorboards restoration process, Tottenham
Pine floorboards sanding, Tottenham
Pine floorboards after finishing, Tottenham

This pine floor restoration is a wonderful example of how we can bring any flooring back to life. The situation in this house was after a fire and serious flooding. It was a total disaster, and other companies were not able to handle the case.

We did everything required to make this customer happy and house in good condition.

The process included:

  • Reclaiming of the heavily damaged floorboards.
  • Subfloor repair and nailing.
  • Sanding with 24-grain grains and finished with 80-grain grains.  
  • Gap filling with sawdust and resin.
  •  Buffing and 3 coat clear lacquer satin for finishing.
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