London Floor Fitting

Wood floor fitting service

Placement of a new floor above an existing one

Floorboards arrangement is the correct assembly of all elements and boards of the wood floor in order to maintain the geometric shape and the lines of the individual parts. This is done according to the type of wood selected by the customer.

There are certain types of wood flooring, which are already varnished and polished, and require only the fitting. This is quite convenient for the customer, and the installer should only evaluate the good condition of the surface on which he will lay the new floor. We will comply with all requirements to obtain the desired result.

After placing the wood floor, we may install new skirting boards if you do not want to use old ones. This is quite recommended to make you happy with the change.

If you have not purchased your floor yet, we may assist you in choosing a suitable option for you. However, you can order directly from a preferred flooring showroom.

Types of floors for installation

Nowadays, the customer has a vast choice of Wood Floor Installation . It may be consistent with the building, room, or the desired effect after placement.

As a company with a vast experience, we can offer an installation of all kinds of floors and in particular:

  • solid wood, which may also include the subfloor (if necessary to be arranged);
  • parquet according to the selected method (fishbone, chevron, patterned manner, and other patterns);
  • patterned parquet, also known as artistic¬Ě, has a variety of shapes and decorations. It may be purchased as a finished product or installed according to an individual order and design;
  • engineered wood;
  • mosaic;
  • laminate;

Installation types

The installation method is consistent with your floor and the condition of the floor surface. This, of course, must comply with your requirements and the specific recommendations of the manufacturer.

We can offer flexible solutions for any wood flooring, which gives you the chance to benefit from an elegant arrangement of all elements without any tracks of glue, nails, and fastening elements.

Main methods of floor installation we can do:

  • forging;
  • gluing to the subfloor;
  • gluing to each other;
  • click system;
  • option for a floating assembly;
  • a combination of several options;

Effect after installation

After laying the floor, you will have style, comfort, warmth, and aesthetics. This also includes compactness according to the type of floor, with no unnecessary noises, such as creaking and the like.

The airflow may be stopped for some floors by placing some extra elements. You may discuss this with our representative during the viewing.

Our experience is the main reason for you to choose our services as your investing in wood flooring will give a result for generations and is part of the essence of your home, office, and any room.

Colours of wood

The color of the wood floor depends mainly on the type of wood that has its own characteristic color. We may arrange and process the wood to keep its natural and original look for a long time.

Or we may change it by staining, sanding, and other additional services, which will give it a more exotic look.

Floor preparation

Choose the right type of wood for the floor and the room.

Depending on the character and style of the room, if you have not already bought the flooring, we may advise you which type of flooring can fit more elegantly. We can also consider factors such as door heights, floor levels, etc., to avoid further processing.

If you have not already bought the wood, you may count on us to make the necessary adjustments and achieve the desired result.

Buy the wood according to the quadrature

According to the different types of wood and arrangement, you may need to buy more wood because of the wastage. Another critical factor is the geometry of the room.

The current condition of the floor

A major factor for the proper arrangement of the wood floor is to have a well-installed or arranged sub-floor already. It is vital that it is dry, flat, and stiff. However, if any adjustments are needed before the installation, our specialists will make the necessary changes. This can be established during the inspection.

It is important to have completed all construction and repair works in the room or the building, such as painting, plumbing, heating, electricity, etc.

Depending on the subfloor, we may place different protective elements to compact the arrangement.

For floors with integrated underfloor heating, it is highly advisable to perform a detailed inspection and consultation by our expert before you buy the floor so that you make the most efficient buy that you really want.

Preparatory procedures

If it comes to laying a new floor in a room that already has flooring, it will be necessary to clear the room entirely of all furniture, rugs, carpets, cables, etc.

This may also include removing the old floor, which should be made by a professional to keep the subfloor as much as possible. All this may be correctly performed by our specialists, regardless of the current state of the wooden floor.

Levels, humidity, and all other details of the room will be checked and considered during the inspection, which is essential to proceed to the next step.

Leveling the floor before installing a new wood floor

In the event that there is a perceptible difference in floor levels, we may proceed with the necessary adjustments to achieve a flat and solid floor in line with the other rooms, hallway, etc.

Installation according to the room - what and where

We may install an up-to-date wood floor in all types of rooms and buildings in London. This includes both private homes and commercial premises:

  • private properties and buildings - small and large rooms;
  • pubs and offices;
  • cottages that should comply with hereditary style;
  • sports halls and racing terrains;
  • administrative buildings;
  • industrial premises;
  • external paving in gardens;
  • kindergarten and schools, universities, and other educational institutions;

When you may install a new wooden floor

According to the existing condition of the floor, we may offer the following types of arrangements, which will be basically consistent with the building:

  • in a new building;
  • complete replacement;
  • on another floor without removing;

A major factor in making the necessary floor installation is to have a strong foundation. Of course, if you do not want to remove the old floor and lay the new floor directly on the old one, you should discuss all works with our representative during the free inspection.

Special floor installation

We can combine the wood floor in sync with other floor coverings such as tiles, marble, and granite. In this way, you can get a modern floor style, as it is usually done in dining rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, etc.

If you choose to combine stone and another type of flooring with wood, we may combine both the colors and the patterns. When we do this service, we should discuss what kinds of patterns you are planning to have to consider the room's size and the proper arrangement in combination with other floorings.

This may also need a consultation with the other team.

Decorative Flooring

Decorative installation of decking on walls, ceilings, columns, etc. This gives a beautiful look to the entire room. For example, this may be in a bedroom, around the windows, reception room, dining room, fireplaces, and other interior solutions.

This can be done with original wood or other options that are tailored to whether the room is external or internal.

Finishing works

After we have laid the entire floor, we install some additional elements to complete the job, such as decorative moldings, skirting boards, door stops, etc.

After the work is done, we could make some recommendations regarding your furniture to keep your brand new wood floor for many years.

Once the floor is installed, you will be instructed on what cleaners to use to keep it nice and clean.

What will you get after the work is done?

  • arranged floor;
  • tightly assembles;
  • creaking-free wooden floor;
  • no bumps;

Price of the floor installation service

How is the price determined?

According to the type of the wood floor, the geometry of the room, the method of arrangement, and the additional services.

  • we give the actual price at the time of inspection;
  • all necessary services are included in the offer;
  • Important note regarding the fitting service;

What to expect by hiring our experts:

  1. we correct previous installations, if necessary
  2. we follow the instructions to keep the warranty of products bought in the store
  3. we take into consideration any cabling or piping below the floor
  4. we remove boards if we need to change anything below
  5. we recommend using glues and fasteners from the wood floor manufacturer

Contact us In case you're not sure what kind of service you need, how long it will take, what will be price, which floor effect is better for you, what kind of wood is used in your house/apartment/building, please get in touch with our experts.