London Floors Repair

Types of repairs of the wood floor

The floor is one of the most exploited parts of the premises, while various shoes, pets, and furniture legs can hurt it significantly. Depending on the issue, we may propose the following repairs:

  • Gap filling with boards, paste, homogeneous mixture;
  • Fastening the loose parquet;
  • Replacement of boards;
  • Removing balloons and bumps;
  • Nailing down new boards;
  • Removing fireplaces from the floor;
  • Smoothing scratches;
  • Defects caused by leakage from tubes or fire;
  • Creaking floor;
  • Damages caused during repair works (plumbing, painting, heating, etc.);
  • Tiling.

Floorboards repair

Types of wood flooring that can be repaired

The repair depends entirely on the condition and damages to the floor. In some cases, floor repair may require complete replacement, and this will be established at our meeting for inspection.

  • solid wood;
  • engineered wood;
  • laminate;
  • parquet;
  • hardwood.

Types of repairs according to the service

  • seasonal maintenance of the floor;
  • emergency repair;
  • after shuffling, moving furniture;
  • if there is unnecessary noise when walking;

Floor repair in commercial areas

restaurants and pubs;
office building, home office, co-working spaces;
halls, sports halls, casinos, theatres, stages, churches, and schools.

Elements used for floor repairs:

  • glue;
  • floorboards;
  • plates;
  • small laths;
  • fasteners;
  • silicones.

What do we offer for floor repairs?

the subscription on an annual basis to maintain the good condition of the floor;
emergency repairs in case of accidents, broken pipes, etc.

Also, you can use us for:

  • floorboards replacement;
  • total recovery;
  • sub-floor fixing;
  • removal of the damaged surface with professional machinery;
  • express service in the case of emergency (tenants, upcoming guests, before events);
  • subscription for maintenance - if the floor is damaged too often per year.

Damage after flooding

Floor flooding is a severe problem as it may affect the entire floor and cause a problem that may disrupt the overall integrity of the wood floor. It is necessary to take urgent steps to avoid more significant damage.

Floor damages that we usually fix are caused by flooding resulting from broken pipes, fluid spillage, problems in the neighboring premises, washing machines, dishwashers, damaged radiators, forgotten running taps, baths, etc.

What to do if there is a problem related to flooding:

  • contact our representative urgently to let us know how fast we should react;
  • we will inspect your floor and anything else that requires fixing;
  • we will look for other indirect damages, if any;
  • our expert will fix the problem to produce the desired effect.

Flooring Bumps Repair

The wood flooring bumps appear from humidity or flooding. If the wood has absorbed moisture and inflated, there is an option to relax and settle the wood down and take measures to remove moisture in time.

In case of an accident resulting in flooding, in most cases, 80% of the wood floor would need a more serious repair, which consists of drying the boards first, and then rearrangement and partial replacement.

Floor repair after local fire

Any ignition of the flooring, such as a rug, carpet, etc., can seriously harm the floor and, over time, this may affect the entire floor. Therefore, it is advisable to fix the problem immediately.

It may cause ignition by the fall of a candle, cigarette, cigar, etc.

Experts in wood floor repairing

London Floor Repair Company

Important for the repair:

  • inspection of the entire floor for other problems;
  • what type of repairs we propose;
  • how long it will take to fix the floor;

What elements will be used for the repair?

Price for repair

What determines the actual price for this flooring service?

We can offer the final price for any repairs only after visiting the site. Therefore we recommend that you contact our staff and let us carry out a viewing.

Once the repair is complete, we may offer additional services to achieve a good finish on your floor. It can protect the floorboards from other similar issues.

What essential things should be done before we proceed with the repair works

Following the room's inspection, we could advise you on how you should prepare it, i.e., if it is necessary to protect something in the place, such as furniture, etc.

Contact us In case you're not sure what kind of service you need, how long it will take, what will be price, which floor effect is better for you, what kind of wood is used in your house/apartment/building, please get in touch with our experts.