Wooden floors maintenance

wood floor maintenance

Proper maintenance of the wooden flooring preserves their good appearance and prolongs their life. Ways of maintaining wood flooring, parquet or flooring are similar but still somewhat dependent on the coating, age and general condition of the floor.

Even a brand new wooden flooring needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Some of these processes are labor intensive and require special skills.

We will introduce you to the main ways of maintaining the flooring of the floor.

Flooring cleaning

Regardless of your wooden flooring, it should be regularly cleaned to prevent damage and damage. We recommend weekly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or wiping the floor with a rag. In the case of more pollution, cleansing takes place more often. When any liquid is spilled on the floor, it must be absorbed as quickly as moisture can damage the coating and the tree at the same time as stains remain.

Preventive measures for wooden flooring

Many scratches are produced when moving furniture. The latter should never be pushed or dragged on the floor but lifted and moved. Even immobile furniture can easily be moved under the weight of objects placed on them. Therefore, it is recommended to put safety pads under the feet of the furniture.
Wooden flooring may fade when exposed directly to sunlight for a longer time. This problem is diminished by placing blinds, curtains and window skylights.

Corking of wooden flooring

Do the following simple test: drop a drop of water on the floor, if it is absorbed instantly, then the coating of the flooring is for replacement. This replacement necessitates the removal of the entire old coating by the sanding and sanding processes which are carried out with different types of sandpaper. Then the floor is ready for laying varnishes, oils and other coatings that provide lasting protection for your wood flooring. The processes described are difficult and related to delicate work. It is possible to do it at least partially by the owner himself, but it is best to trust him.