Wood Floorboards Restoration

Wood floor restoration services

Complete refurbishment can make your entire room look new. We also renovate walls, staircases, and other wood elements, each having a different shade and reflection.

Ancient floors are renovated with more caution to protect the wood and consider further improvements to be carried out by the next generations over the decades. Some upgrades may require machines, while others are entirely manual.

We pay particular attention to every detail and its total effect on the overall appearance.

We may use professionals in architecture, design, art history, etc., if necessary during the restoration.

What effects may be achieved after the floor renovation

During the restoration, we take into consideration the condition of the floor. We may consider your wish to leave some distinct elements of the level, such as nails, patterns, and other items. This will preserve the historical style and ancient look of the floor, and it will be fully used over time.

The wood may keep its present worn-out look and yet be renovated to be preserved, simply preserving its current look after the renovation.

Renovation does not affect the integrity of the floor elements, walls, staircases, and all elements preserve their original look.

- 100% original look;
- a luxurious effect with a glossy touch;
- completely new look of the floor in terms of colour and surface;

What is included in the restoration?

  • Floorboards reclaiming and repair;
  • Sanding the upper surface;
  • Staining to change the original colour;
  • Sealing with material by your choice;

What premises we can renovate the floor in:

  • private family houses;
  • apartments;
  • museums, galleries, churches;
  • companies, clubs, and restaurants.

What materials do we use?

  • video tools;
  • requirements for the renovation;
  • options that may be offered - colour, type of oil, etc.

Preparation before renovation

  • take into account the condition of the building in terms of the upcoming process;
  • synchronize the work with other residents of the building or working hours;
  • prepare the premises;
  • prepare the floor;
  • prepare the necessary materials;
  • organize the work in terms of process time.

Starting the process

  • contact our representative for a visit;
  • carry out a detailed inspection and offer a price;
  • start the works;
  • achieve the desired effect of the floor.

Contact us In case you're not sure what kind of service you need, how long it will take, what will be price, which floor effect is better for you, what kind of wood is used in your house/apartment/building, please get in touch with our experts.