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Preparation services for sanding

Sanding requires some preparations intended both to achieve the maximum effect of the service and protect the room during the work process. These preparations include:

  • Preparation of the room – removal of furniture, curtains, cupboards, wardrobes, chairs, tables, etc. There should not be anything else in the room. This can be done by the owner, tenant, or an employee if it is a commercial area.
  • Preparation of the floor – before we proceed with the work, all carpets, rugs, mats to protect cables should be removed from the floor.
  • removal of a concrete slab from a fireplace and boards that are consistent with the existing floor
  • gap filling, fastening
  • Floor sanding - Once a room is ready to start the work, we detail all boards, elements, floor assemblies, etc. It takes some time, but this is crucial before starting work.

Note that any relevant moving of items will be paid as extra work.

Services Before Sanding

Old flooring removal

In many cases, it is necessary to remove parts or entirely the old flooring. It may include rotten floorboards, damaged skirtings, nails, and others.

This removal is dedicated to achieving the best results after the flooring. Sometimes, we may replace some parts, and we need to remove most of the floor (which can not be sanded) in other situations.

Subfloor preparation

Very often, the subfloor level is not in very good condition. This may be caused by flooding, problems with pipes, dirt, or subfloor materials. It's familiar when we have to sand a floor without any maintenance in the past several years.

Usually, the subfloor preparation includes repairs, laying sound insulation, replacements, leveling, or others.

Nailing and nails removal

It's a necessary service when the existing floor is installed with a nail-down methodology. In many properties, the nails have to be replaced with new ones.

To make a successful sanding, it's a must to fix any problem with nails.

Expert Sanding Services

When we're ready to start the sanding process, we know how often we have to sand the upper surface. Usually, it happens with three to five different types of sandpapers.

In some cases, the sanding may be partial, but the best practice is to make a full floor sanding because we'll make a complete restoration.

We can make light sanding, which is a smooth floor repair process, depending on the floor condition.

Floor Gap filling

In most cases, whatever is the service, we make professional gap filling with adhesive (and resin, if required). That's an important part before we seal the upper surface.

Gap filling is a process to seal every gap between the floorboards. This way, we take care of the entire floor, keeping the floorboards in good condition for a very long time.

Staining after sanding

Once the gap filling is ready, the next service is staining with a specific colour. It can be a dark or light colour, or we can skip this step depending on the customer's requirements.

The staining is essential when we have to achieve the original wood color or make a decoration.

Finishing after sanding

Floor finishing is the post-sanding service that applies the final level of the flooring. It is required to make the floor more durable and protect the upper surface from new damage (like scratches, water, fire, etc.)

The most common methods for finishing are oiling, lacquer, waxing, but we can do any type of finishing for our clients.

Floor Polishing

Sometimes, we're polishing with a buffing machine or other machinery depending on the finishing. Its purpose is to make the floor sparkling and shining.

It always depends on the desired effect after sanding and how the customers want to enjoy the light on the premise.

Services after sanding

Flooring Maintenance

Many customers prefer to make seasonal flooring maintenance to keep it perfect. Usually, we do maintenance for new floors with refinishing, but many times it's just good to keep the floor in perfect condition.

The maintenance methods vary depending on the floor type. We have different methods for hardwood, pine, oak, bamboo, or even engineered wood floorboards.

If you're not sure which service you need to use, it is always better to give us a call and discuss your needs. We consult you for free, which can be the best practice for your needs.

If you're wondering how to proceed, please call us and ask for a piece of advice.

Below, you can read more about specific services if you need further details.

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