Sanding Guide

Floor Sanding Guide

Expert Floor Sanding Services: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn more about the process, how it works, what's happening during the wood sanding, and the necessary steps and tools.

Understanding Floor Sanding

Experience exceptional quality in floor sanding with our specialized branded equipment, designed to preserve your wood floors effectively. Our comprehensive sanding process, applied across the entire floor, ensures a smooth and flat surface, perfectly prepped for the final polish.

Process and Techniques

The art of floor sanding is a meticulous one, involving a blend of advanced tools and expert techniques. Whether your floor is made of soft pine or robust oak, our tailored approach considers your wood type, current condition, and desired finish to remove the top layer and prepare for subsequent steps gently.

Sanding Depth and Sequence

Typically, we remove less than one millimeter from the top of your boards. For a standard 22-millimeter thick board, this allows for multiple sanding sessions over its lifetime. Our process begins with coarser grits for worn surfaces and progresses to finer grits for a flawless finish.

Special Attention to Detail

From preparing older, carpet-covered pine boards to perfecting modern engineered wood, our sanding sequence, from grit 24 to 150, ensures a uniform, smooth finish. Even in tricky corners, our precision tools work their magic for a seamless look.

Gap Filling Techniques

Our unique wood dust and resin blend offers a durable solution for gaps under three millimeters. However, for suspended floors, we recommend sliver filling for long-lasting results.

The Importance of Protective Coatings

Post-sanding, we apply protective coatings like lacquer, oil, or wax to safeguard your floors. Choose from various colors and finishes to complement your interior, or opt for a transparent, matte, or satin effect.

Finishing Touches

Our finishing process involves a fine sandpaper touch-up and the application of multiple layers of quality lacquer for a durable, stunning look.

Comprehensive Floor Sanding Process

Our floor sanding services cater to a wide range of floors and scenarios in London, from intricate parquet designs to classic line-installed floors.

Floor Types and Situations

We handle all kinds of wood floors, including Victorian pine, exotic bamboo, and engineered wood. Our services are perfect for new installations and existing floors needing refurbishment or repair.

Room Suitability

Whether it's a family home, corporate building, or local store, our floor sanding expertise ensures the perfect match for every setting, enhancing the aesthetics and longevity of your wooden floors.

When to Consider Floor Sanding

Consider our services to maintain your wood floors, achieve a luxurious look, or harmonize your floors with new furniture and lighting. Our goal is to restore and elevate your floors to their full potential.

Choose Our Expert Floor Sanding Services

With our skilled approach to floor sanding, we guarantee a transformed and rejuvenated floor tailored to your unique style and requirements. Feel free to reach out with any queries or for more details about our services.